Only a Topper?

Cold/rain/wind/hail. Some days I am inside the topper for several days. I glance, enviously, at motor homes, trailers, pop-ups. Should I get something else?

A trailer?    A trailer has to have hard sides. Bears like soft sides.The ideal one, for me, would be the Aliner Ranger 12.

Folds down, can be loaded with options (I would need off road capabilities and high wind reinforcement), and has good reviews. One good review, by default, is that there are so very few used ones for sale.

But trailers are one more thing to worry about. Insurance, licensing, theft, making it level so the propane fridge works, and dragging it behind into city traffic. And backing it up into tiny spaces. And not going onto some roads not knowing if I can turn around. Ugh.

Well how about a pop up?

Fleet pop up Ranger 12

Starting at over $17,000 these are great, but … money. And I would have to put everything down into travel mode to run into town. Hmmm. I could buy 10 acres of land for that amount.

Then there are vans. New ones are way out of range. My requirements for 4wd limit the availability. Starting, used at $20,000 and going into the $100,000 range puts them way out of my range.

So, thinking about it … I will stick with the truck and ARE DCU topper. Easy backing it up, easy unpacking and packing, easy going on very rough roads, already owned, titled and insured.

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9 Responses to Only a Topper?

  1. Dale says:

    I camped in a canopy for years & was very comfortable. Had & did everything I wanted & needed.
    4 yrs ago I bought a 4 wheel camper with the pop up top. It’s an eagle model that sits on my Tacoma. Like the one pictured in this post. Lost about 3mpg, but on rainy snowy days it’s wonderful & I can stand up in it put my pants on in the am. & nice to have a warm dry cozy place to cook, read, sleep in any weather. I bought mine used & didn’t pay near new price. Enjoy the heck out of it & travel all the western states in sun rain & snow & enjoy every trip. Stop by if you’re ever in my neck of the woods & I’ll give you the grand tour & let you try it for a couple nights.
    So enjoy your posts, they give an old guy enthusiasm to keep on truckin.
    God Bless & Keep You Safe in your travels.


    • elainemari says:

      That price is Canadian $$. And included a lot of addons like maxair fan, ports for charging things, a skylight and glassed in wood frame for screwing in shelving etc.


    • Mas Prema says:

      Oh, what a great story. Yes, that standing up is such a luxury. You make a great case for the 4 wheel camper. I am saving money and one day I may copy your comfort level! Do keep on truckin’!


      • Dale says:

        Mas Prema, forgot to mention, the ups & downs for moving locations or heading into town literally take about 5 mins. & I’m an old guy. Safe, happy adventures my friend.


  2. Fred says:

    Why is it that most of what is for sale is more than we need? Even the ‘suggested’ shell is pricey.
    Not sure what the solution is though you seem to have found what truly meets your needs.


    • Mas Prema says:

      Yes, still thinking that the topper is perfect for me at this point. I do not need most of the luxury items … just wish for stand up room and a place to cook in nasty weather. Thanks for reading, Fred.


  3. elainemari says:

    Ming designed and had built this truck canopy (, higher and big enough for a small cooking area. The shell cost around 10,000 and the bed and kitchen very very little. She built it herself. Might you find a company that does something similar where you are? I think I sent you a link to this before, not sure. Scroll through the blog to see how she did it.


    • Mas Prema says:

      Yes, you sent me the link and I read every step of her build. I was so impressed. I copied her materials list and drooled over her solutions. I only had $500, so her build, so beautiful and well thought out, was out of my range. Still is. Just whining when the weather gets bad!
      Thank you for reading the posts so closely. I appreciate your likes and comments a great deal.


      • elainemari says:

        If you ever save up, or come into around $4000 USD you can get a barebones, no frills, only a back window shell just like this one. ☺


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