Datil Well

Camping at the well

Datil Well Recreation Area Campground has one of the 15 water wells along the old Magdalena Livestock Driveway. The old cattle trail was established in the 1800s and stretched 120 miles.  The ranchers were trying to get their cows to the railroad. The camping area includes 3 miles of hiking trails in piñon-juniper and ponderosa pine woodlands.

Datil Well CampgroundThis is a great campground in the middle of nowhere. It is open all year, but no water or fancy pit toilets until 15 April. The wonderful parts are the hikes, a neighboring grocery/restaurant, great tasting water from a deep well, and a shelter, where I made coffee in the mornings, listening to the birds. I did struggle with the wind. Several days had gusts up to 70mph. Aggh!

In the evenings, if the wind had calmed down,  I would bring out the lantern and write in the journal about the day. This Goal Zero Lantern is perfect for reading in bed at night, and it gets charged by solar. Or wind up. Goal Zero Lantern

Thanks to great, kind camp hosts (Carlos and Teresa) I was able to stay here for two weeks. Yummy. Next I headed to Pie Town, NM.

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6 Responses to Datil Well

  1. Thanks for the tip on the lantern. I will have to look into those


  2. Fred says:

    “Great tasting water” This alone justifies a visit. Where does one find that in urban America?


    • Mas Prema says:

      There is one more campground/town that has delicious water …. Pancho Villa NM State Park has reverse osmosis water, as does the nearby town of Columbus, NM. The majority of water out of taps are so alkaline or so clorox smelling/tasting that the relief of great water is a treat.
      How’s your water, Fred?


  3. marlis elbers says:

    Btw…Datil is a Pepper endemic to North East Florida, and is made into a DELICIOUS sauce,- sweet and spicy!


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