Reading about Truck Camping

Helpful Hints

Surprise …. theboatgalley

This site helped with food storage and solutions, with packing, and with safety concerns. And the equipment that the boaters use (coolers, stoves, storage containers, etc.) were intriguing and very different from what is offered in the camping stores. Lots of good ideas.

The grandfather of the boondocking world has one great tip after the other at cheap rv living

This site has links to all kinds of help and clues and suggestions for people who like to live/travel off the grid. Many years of experience with solar, with federal regulations, and the host of the RTR every year.

The good Luck Duck has a great page for boondocking hints. She rides a Prius.

I know we are truck campers, but this woman built a great home in a 2004 Chevy Express van that is so functional, so pretty, so  perfect that I borrowed several ideas.

The most used site has been “Free Campsites”

freecampsites gives you access to every state (with GPS coordinates) of wonderful camping areas off the grid., There are some surprises and oodles of helpful hints in finding the sites. Lots of feedback from users, describing the sites in detail , asking questions, making suggestions. The image below was a freecampsite location.

Dawn in the desert
Am taking this computer to a store to try to get it fixed.  Having upgrading problems. Hope to be back on line next week, just in time to be a campground host!

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3 Responses to Reading about Truck Camping

  1. Fred says:

    Mas: a treasure trove of information. It always amazes me as to how the world of cruising yachts is a source of innovation in the RV/Camper Industry. Alaskan Campers for example are known for the boat like interiors and hardware. Thank you so much!


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