Love While Truck Camping

I fall in love with almost every small town.

Some I have wanted to fall in love with …. Tucumcari, NM or St George, Utah. But the magic wasn’t there, no matter how hard I looked. No matter how hard I tried. But then there were the surprise loves like Grants, NM which had a library dedicated to a woman and was on the Rte 66 byway.

My main small town loves these days are Cortez, Mancos and Dolores, Colorado. Next to each other, filled with building murals , built near railroad sidings,  near water and hospitable libraries.

I love the tiny town restaurants with surprising food, with small libraries which support the towns and cater to the wi-fi hungry travelers. I love the tiny towns so much that I have applied for housing assistance in Cortez. Don’t know if I can give up traveling in the truck …I still haven’t seen Arizona, Alaska, or Washington.

While truck camping you are able to enjoy small towns without the added concerns of a trailer or a fancy van. We blend in with the construction crews.


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6 Responses to Love While Truck Camping

  1. jane K A Dinsmoor says:

    Cortez must be a gorgeous place after all you have seen. Housing assistance ?!! What a wonderful concept. If they have some tiny homes around, it would be just perfect and you could still run the truck on adventures. All will be revealed. Lilacs and crabapples are abloomin’ here in Woody Creek. Safe travels, Pickett.


    • Mas Prema says:

      Cortez, Dolores, Mancos … I am in love with this area. The housing assistance is a bit old fashioned … had to get a local post office box to receive notifications. Seems like most homeless have cell phones, but the housing authority insists on snail mail. “We have to track everything”, the lady said. It is an interesting process, associating with federal regulations.


  2. Janet K. schoeberlein says:

    Maybe Pickett will settle down in Cortez. The town would be lucky to have her.


    • Mas Prema says:

      Thanks for the thought, Jan. I love Dolores. I love Cortez. We will see what happens. The housing authority was not too helpful, implying that I really didn’t have a chance. Regardless I will keep on traveling until I can’t travel any further.


  3. Fred says:

    Amazing Pictures! I agree and share your sentiments. Cortez, the town and its vistas are simply beautiful and inviting.


    • Mas Prema says:

      I am in Dolores for the day, doing laundry, buying groceries, working in the library. Coming into town this morning I saw 2 herds of elk. I tried to take a picture, but they were headed somewhere in a hurry. Thanks for commenting and reading the blog, Fred.


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