Waiting for Camphosting

Drive to Burro Bridge Campground

This is the drive to Burro Bridge. The campground  will be opening on Friday. Thats when I officially start work. However I went up 6 days ago. What a thrill to be alone in such a beautiful place. I have seen many shadow bears (when the wind blows the firs and shadows look like bears), herds of elk, and a very friendly marmot.

The marmot was fat and fuzzy. She came running at me and disappeared into the bowls of the truck. 4 days of horrible squeaking, smelly pee and rustling noises. I couldn’t get her out. Then I thought … what if she is looking for a place to have babies? What if she is looking for a place to die? I decided that death was the answer, so I put the phone down on the floor above where she had hidden, and played hours of “soothing” music. The district manager for the campgrounds showed up and poked around for at least 1/2 hour before he poked her and she left.

The smelly pee was good. It keeps the mice away. Me too, down wind. Not smelly in the truck at night. Thank goodness.

Spent several days getting the firepits cleaned out, the toilets all clean, and the camp sites raked. Still no water, so it will be an interesting time explaining to campers. The water problem has to do with the well pump not working. We will see what happens.

Note that the campground is 32.6 miles away from cell reception, so I will be able to reply to comments once a week or so, when I come into town for laundry!

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6 Responses to Waiting for Camphosting

  1. Dale says:

    Pickett, I get SOOO excited every time you have a new post!!! My socks roll up & down. Luv your life & attitude on freedom & exploring. Keep up the good work. You keep this old man going.
    God Bless, & THANK YOU!!


    • Mas Prema says:

      Thank you, Dale. I get so excited every time I am in a library and get to update the journey. Are you traveling? Old folks, like us, do it better!!


  2. Fred says:

    Life is about understanding our place in the ecosystem. Your posts are prophetic in the ‘truth telling’ sense of that word.


  3. Mar says:

    How totally precious that you played soothing music for your Marmot friend.- That’s Pickett for ya!


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