Camp Hosting Difficulties

The water. Oh, the water. The camp is supposed to supply drinking water. Well, someone forgot to drain the lines when the campground was closed last fall.  For 3 days  assorted guys puttered and fussed and said that it was easy.  Still not working. Yesterday the area manager came out to fix it. Wiring bad, faucets rusted shut, and pvc cracked (some in concrete) everywhere. Well, after the third day of fixing, it looked good, so Don said to let the tank fill up. I checked on it before I went to bed. All seemed good. Got up to pee and found that the bathrooms, on the other side of the holding tanks, were inundated with water. The tank room was 4″ deep. I shut off everything. And cleaned bathrooms. That was at 1:30am. I finished by 2:30am as the rain turned to slush. Very chilly at 9,000′.water for campground

I am hoping that it was a faulty float valve in the big tank. Could be a hole up high in that tank. Boss is coming out tomorrow to fix. Fingers crossed.

Just down the way there is an aspenless area, thanks to beavers. The drop off is extreme. How do they do it? I confess to helping. I tugged, shoved and pushed the log over the edge, down to the water. A tiny interference with nature. Couldn’t help myself.

beaver remains

Last week I showed a picture of going to work. Here is a picture of the trip into town. There was a herd of elk there as I slowed down to take a picture. They trotted off before I could get them in the pic.Dolores drive

I think I’ll have a cold beer before I head back to camp. Its a long drive!


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11 Responses to Camp Hosting Difficulties

  1. Mar says:

    Ooo, beavers!! Sounds like Pic to help them out just a bit!
    Hope the water issue is no longer an issue…


  2. Fred says:

    A bit of a rough start to what should be a great season! I sense all of this is going to be sorted out. All the best! Such a beautiful setting—which never breaks down!


    • Mas Prema says:

      Because of a nearby forest fire there have been very few campers. I get to enjoy the site with no company, except for marmots and birds and squirrels and flowers. The water issue is resolving.


  3. Hope problems get sorted out. Looks beautiful there.


    • Mas Prema says:

      ’tis beautiful. The water problems are slowly resolving. Now I just worry about a nearby forest fire. But the aspens are leafing out and the flowers are beginning to bloom. Sweet life, this camp hosting!


  4. Janet K. schoeberlein says:

    When you live in Paradise, there should not be plumbing problems. Jan


    • Mas Prema says:

      Ha ha. You are right! Now I worry about the raging forest fire that is nearby. It is so beautiful here that the worries about water and fire recede in the world of natural beauty!


  5. Cindy Rogers says:

    Wow, sounds like similar drama here in WC. Garage drain plugged basement flooded…yikes! Your drive is beautiful!!! I bet that beer tasted wonderful after your extended work hours.


    • Mas Prema says:

      The beer, sitting by the Dolores River, is perfect way to end the day before the 35 mile drive back up the mountain. So sorry about the flood. Who fixed it? How is your garden growing?


      • Cindy Rogers says:

        Garden is fabulous, I’m just trying to stay ahead the the chippy’s…little buggers. Asparagus is off the charts, thanks a bunch for awesome garden 🤗. This is a stellar season for tomatoes, so warm. Huck washed mud and gravel into drain and plugged, Steve snaked and got caught up in heat tape Dave put in & broke pipe. Bman and I got carpet pulled up quickly. Steve just finished. He’s a good guy! Seems he was caught in the middle of Huck & Dave’s disasters. It will be ready to move back in with a day to spare before R&S come back. Hahaha…miss it? Sound just wonderful there, good luck w/water issues.


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