Help while Camping

I am more scared of electrical shocks than I thought. When the water flooded there was an inverter hooked up to batteries. Everything was in 3″ of water. Agh! I couldn’t bring myself to step in the water and unhook everything. I asked for help from a camper, who happened to be a master electrician. His name, aside from “My Hero” was Allen. He showed me how I would have gotten shocked (the inverter wires were exposed). Phew. All unhooked, all safe.

marmot in Burro Bridge

The marmot has taken residence under the bathrooms. I see him every afternoon.

tarp while truck campingSetting up the tarp was easier than I remembered. It will provide some wind and rain protection. tarp

The savior in the tarp world has been these grippers. They do not tear, hold on tight, and are easy to reposition. I would provide an Amazon link if I could find what they are called, but no luck.tarpHook

Right now there is no rain in sight. That is scary.

“Nearly 600 firefighters are helping to battle the 4,015-acre wildfire that broke out Friday morning north of Durango. At least 825 homes have been evacuated, and the fire is 10 percent contained.”

This is not far, south east of  Burro Bridge. The San Juan Forest is completely closed to all campfires, welding, and smoking. Serious.

Aside from fire danger, the campground has been tended to assiduously. There have been very few campers, so I have been weed eating and painting old tables. I am tan, healthy and happy wandering around the San Juan National Forest.

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16 Responses to Help while Camping

  1. elainemari says:

    I’m so sorry to hear your lovely camp was closed down. I hope it rains soon!


  2. Cindy Rogers says:

    Yikes! Amidst all the dangerous elements, I’m happy to hear you are tan, happy and wandering around the San Juan Forest 🤗 I hope you remain safe from the fires and smoke! Xo


    • Mas Prema says:

      Am safe. Rangers closed down the entire San Juan NF. I had to retreat out of wonderful Burro Bridge. Am hanging out hoping that the fire gets contained. Will keep you posted.


      • Cindy Rogers says:

        You can always come to Bear Walk for a little RFValley respite😁 we’d all love to see you!!!


      • Mas Prema says:

        Thanks Cindy! I am going to hang out here … hoping monsoon will come and help put out fires and I can go back to being the camphost!


  3. Chuck says:

    I suspect that the marmot likes you….he knows where you live too😳😂 Thanks for the post. Be careful out there.


  4. Rich Bradfield says:

    I’m considering a trip there. Is the Meadows road open? Is it in okay condition?


    • Mas Prema says:

      Everything closed. The meadows road closed. Entire San Juan NF is closed. The road is in great condition, a bit bumpy/washboardy in parts. Come after monsoon season and it will be wonderful.


  5. david allen bouman says:

    Hope you are safe from the fire and don’t get closed in..Stay safe, db


  6. david allen bouman says:

    Hope you don’t get closed down from the fire..Much love, db


  7. jane K A Dinsmoor says:

    When the universe supplies what you need, a master electrician is not what is expected. Yet . . . you are provided for and kept safe. Glad you have some water but 3″ deep was a tad much. Be safe.


    • Mas Prema says:

      Between master electricians and an alert marmot I was revelling in the campground. Now all closed down due to fires nearby.


  8. Fred says:

    You have a lovely spot to spend a summer! We all depend on each other for life and happiness.
    Really appreciate the pictures and the tip about the grippers. I’m on the lookout for them on Amazon.


    • Mas Prema says:

      lovely spot was closed down, due to large forest fires nearby. No telling what the next step will be … will the campgrounds reopen? No one knows.
      The grippers are magic. No matter how careful I was with the grommets on the tarp a strong guts would rip them. Even after I layered duct tape. No problems with the grippers in extreme gusty winds.


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