Fire in the San Juan NF


The San Juan National Forest in southwestern Colorado will shut down for the first time in its 113-year history.

I closed the Burro Bridge Campground on Monday. So sad. Told the marmot about the fire. Cleaned the toilets. Burro Bridge has no cell phone service, so I thought I should close before I had to flee. On Tuesday all campers in all campgrounds had to be out by noon.

Aside from  closing a campground and packing up  there is the question of employment. Do we hang around and hope the campgrounds re open? Many of the hosts are scattering (“Well, I haven’t been to Kansas lately.” “I have always wanted to see Oregon, so I’ll head up there.”). What will happen if the NF is reopened?  I will be hanging around, hoping that they can get the fire under control (only 15% contained today) and I get to open Burro Bridge again.

So, a last view of my favorite campground…lastView


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5 Responses to Fire in the San Juan NF

  1. Glad to know you’re safe! I love that valley too and understand why you would want to return. May it come to pass! Meanwhile I know you will stay out of harms way while the professionals work hard to contain the fire. Looks like it will be a bad year!

  2. Dale says:

    Mas Prema, So sorry to here any of our national forests are in danger. I’m in Eastern Washington. Have an extra bedroom, your own bath, washer & dryer, & all the amenities. You’re always welcome. & if you get house phobia, millions of acres of national forests only a stones through away. Be safe my friend & God Bless. 👍🍺

  3. jane K A Dinsmoor says:

    There is that nice flat spot next to our house too though a few hours from Burro Bridge. We will pray for some rain down that way so you can have your spot back. Be safe ! Our guest room is empty until July 10th if you want your own spot and a tub. xoxo j & B

  4. Janet K. schoeberlein says:

    Come and camp in my yard

  5. Fred says:

    Such disappointing news, for you personally, and for the campground and the region generally.

    I join you in the hope that this fire can be addressed quickly and that the situation is resolved.

    How did this fire begin?

    I imagine your decision to stay nearby may turn out to be a wise one.

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