Back to Camphosting

They (the forest rangers) just spread the word that Burro Bridge can open on Friday! So I am dashing around town (Dolores, CO) buying groceries and trying to download Netflix goodies. Also trying to download some Kindle reading. I emphasize trying. The WiFi at the local library is very slow. I sometimes sit here for 3 hours and get one movie downloaded. Ah, well. More time to be alone in nature. The same problem with the Kindle. Haven’t been able to download one book. So I carry a huge stack of free books from the local library instead of the Kindle. Next stop will be groceries. This is easier than trying to download. I have no cooler, no refrigeration, so this limits the grocery list. Tomatoes, sweet potato, onion, garlic, veggies to pickle and a treat (usually a can or two of ginger ale).

Then check mail. Then pack up and head back to Burro Bridge. Oh happy day!Burro Bridge Camp Host

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9 Responses to Back to Camphosting

  1. Dale says:

    Happy you’re back where you enjoy. Have a wonderful summer & get to the library often, I look forward to your updates. Be safe & God Bless.


    • Mas Prema says:

      I come into town once a week to shower, do library, and wash clothes. And eat at a restaurant, where someone else prepares, buys and washes. Ah … the luxury.


  2. Fred says:

    So glad you are able to return and that the campground was spared. It seems that this rare opportunity was hard won given the preparations and the frustrations! Be well!


  3. Janet K. schoeberlein says:

    How about nuts for protein. Costco has big containers.


  4. Wendy Ellsworth says:

    Glad to hear you can return to your favorite campsite! I can easily visualize the place and you there!! A glorious place to spend some time!


  5. Marlis says:

    Looking cozy already…and I see a hammock in the trees. You happy camper you!! 😃


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