Lizard Head Wilderness


Some of the joys of truck camping are being places where it is hard to get to. This is a map of the area where I am, right on the border of the Lizard Head Wilderness area.. Burro Bridge is on the bottom third. Three mountains of above 14,000′ are right there. A wild and wooly area of mountains and vistas and waterfalls. Great hikes, arduous hikes. Excited climbers going up. Exhausted hikers coming down to the campground. But they all have wide eyes and big smiles!

I see one of the fourteeneers, El Diente, every day. Breathtaking. How lucky to be camphosting in a truck!Diente

Great campers arrived. They were hikers and bird watchers and friendly folk. They showed me, with a spotting scope, a warbling vireo nest … with momma or dad sitting in a large nest. I walked past the nest many times, but never saw the nest before. These great camper also helped with a new tarp set up. I couldn’t seem to wrap my head around how to cover the table … they helped design ropes and hitches. Phew.


 So happy. Such great campers who come all the way up to Burro Bridge. Its 32.6 miles from cell service. It is 10 miles of  a washboard gravel road. And there is no electricity in this campground, or anywhere near.


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8 Responses to Lizard Head Wilderness

  1. Dale says:

    Mas Prema, your description & pictures on every post puts me right there. Exited & breathing in the fresh air & enjoying every moment. Thank you!!! God Bless, be safe & keep on trucking.


    • Mas Prema says:

      Thank you, Dale. I am loving life at 9,100′. Looking forward to the rainy season (tired of being scared of fires!) and winter in Arizona … maybe!


  2. elainemari says:

    Sound wonderful!


  3. I loved hearing the elk bugeling & coyotes singing the night we were there in the fall many years ago. Great place to spend the summer Pickett!!


  4. Fred says:

    I could not think of a more gratifying setting to camp or spend a summer. You may be the luckiest man alive!


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