Free Camp Spots

I love the free spots I have found from Cortez, CO to Deming, NM on 2 lane roads, in lodge pole pines, with birds and deer and elk and no other campers.Apache CreekI stayed here 3 weeks, experimenting with the cooler and food supplies. Ne cell service. No radio reception. No news.
I do not like the cooler. I dislike almost everything about it. It takes up too much room. Most of the food would be fine without ice. The meats, no, but veggies are fine. And for meat I can do without, or use spam or tuna. I liked it fine when I was camp hosting, but on the road it is not as useful as I had hoped. I think I may give it up. I might love it in the desert. We will see how it turns out.

I am on my way to a meeting in Bouse, AZ, on January 4. The WRTR. This is a gathering of women who travel in vans or trucks. I am a bit hesitant to go (many people), but since I have lived for the last three years in the truck I have experience that other women might find useful. Since this is only October 29th I get to travel slowly!

The 2 month trek across Arizona will be fun.  Its always a treat to find new secret camping spots. Thanks to freecampsites there are many to choose from. Another help are the MVU maps for all of the National Forests. MVU are the Motor Vehicle use maps, which show the roads where free dispersed camping is allowed. And camping is allowed on almost all BLM land.

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13 Responses to Free Camp Spots

  1. marlis elbers says:

    Always fun and interesting to read your blog Pic.
    Glad you started that again, so we can keep track of you ;-)


  2. Mar says:

    Always interesting and fun to read your blog Pic.
    Glad you started that again, so we can keep track of you ;-)


  3. Jake says:

    I love it when I see a new update on your blog! Happy Arizona travels and camping for the next few months. Hope to see an update on the WRTR meetup! You’re an inspiration to me! Hope Lilith is doing well too.


    • Mas Prema says:

      Lilith is doing great! I just got her a new pair of windshield wipers and she can now see in the rain! I am hanging out in Quartzsite until WTR. Will report on meeting. Thanks for reading the blog!


  4. Susan Boyd says:

    Hi! Spent a month this summer in Colorado and I too camped in Cortez area and south.
    I also am going to the WRTR in January. Would like to meet you. I see no contact info on ur blog


  5. CaseyH. says:

    ‘Stop in the Chiricahuas on your way into AZ, if you happen to be taking a southerly route, and you are sure to stay for three weeks!! East or west side, you will find fantastic camping options with wonderfilled views. Peace, Casey from 3Rivers NM a couple yrs ago.


    • Mas Prema says:

      Thanks for the hint, Casey. I dashed across AZ to check out the LTVA areas near Quartzsite. Going back I will take my time and for sure will be in the Chiricahuas! Thanks for the reminder.


  6. Chuck says:

    We were thinking about your where abouts recentily, so were glad to get your update. I was suprised when you purchased your cooler, and also curious about your experience with it. Anyway, great update with gobs of good information, and the photo really tells the story.
    Thanks for the updates.


    • Mas Prema says:

      Still hate the cooler. Am always concerned with things going bad, hate to fire up the stove in rain or high winds. Do not like using water to wash dishes. Aggh! By next week I will probably use it to store empty containers and sweaters. It is great for a weekend trip. Not so great for long term. Thanks for keeping up with the blog.


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