End of Cooler

I couldn’t stand the cooler. I did love the food, but hated everything else about owning the cooler. It took too much money, too much time, took up way too much room and way too many worries (where to get block ice, are the chicken breasts still edible, how to buy 1 piece of broccoli in Walmart, the water invaded all containers and butter swimming was not healthy). Hated worrying about it every day.

So … I gave it away to a very nice woman who offered a copy of her just published book, autographed. It seemed like a great trade.

I bought a piece of jewelry on the way to buy groceries one day. Below is a pic of Israel and his dog, Ajax. They were sitting on the ground with a piece of cardboard, selling the jewelry that Israel was making. I will be sending this to a steel working friend. I think.

Tomorrow I am off to the WRTR (Women’s Rubber Tramp Rendezvous) and camping in the desert with 1,000 women who love to camp out in vans, trucks and cars.

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5 Responses to End of Cooler

  1. Chuck says:

    Good story Maas…
    I hope the WRTR is a fun time for you…can’t wait for that update.
    Have fun.


  2. Michael M Owsley says:

    Miss you Pickett


  3. Fred says:

    Hello Maas:

    No one can tell a story like you do. All of your stories are interesting. Parables of sorts.

    Enjoy your time at WRTR!.

    Happy 2019!


  4. Fred says:


    No one can tell a story quite like you do. Everything you write is interesting. A parable too of sorts. Have a great time at the WRTR.

    Happy 2019!


  5. Jane says:

    WRTR sounds like the perfect holiday celebration for you, Pickett ! Have a great time.
    We missed you at dinner but I hear some photos got sent along to share. Happy Healthy New Year.


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