Interior Decorating in The Truck

I know that I said I would put up fancier curtains 2 years ago, but heck no. I simply cannot think of a reason to change them. I had a friend (thanksNancy!)sit inside one evening withall of the lights on. She pretended to undress as I wandered around the truck.Perfect!Curtains open

Easy to wash, easy to take down, easy to fold up and out of the way.

Curtains closed

And hanging them was almost too easy. Three Command hooks, 2 clips and some skinny rope.

Curtain hook

Perfect for shade, perfect for privacy. I have hooks on both sides of the truck bed, and have enough material to make curtains for both sides, but haven’t done that yet.

I haven’t camped in a Walmart parking lot. Yet. That might require both sides covered. Generally I go to bed when the sun comes down and get up way before sunrise, so no need of curtains.

I like this solution enough that I doubt that I will make “real” curtains in the future.


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2 Responses to Interior Decorating in The Truck

  1. David Bouman says:

    Sleeping at Wal-Mart parking lots sucks because of the lights.. Just throw a tarp over the truck outside and you can get some darkness to sleep.. Much love,db


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