Women in the Desert

I didn’t know what to expect, meeting 1,000 women in the desert. I met women who were crying as they drove into the site. I met women who were laughing. I met women who couldn’t stop talking about their adventures crossing the country. I met women who had driven 500 miles in one day to be near Bouse, AZ to camp with 1,000 women at the WRTR. I even met some women who follow the blog ! (Thanks for introducing yourselves, Susan, Alice and Abagail!)
I arrived a week early to volunteer. And I did. I strung out police tape (we were camped next to some Land Trust land that we couldn’t even step on), picked up trash, directed vehicles and hung around as vehicle after vehicle poured into the desert.wrtr PoliceTape

No photos were allowed. Too many women fleeing from abusive situations. I did get a few pics of Lilith.Toyota Tacoma 2006, Lilith

Most of the days were spent helping others. Much laughter, much learning, much joy. The level of confidence grew, the locked trailer was opened, women learned how to poop in a bucket, set up solar, change a tire, wash in public, treat the land with respect, and enjoy the time on the road, in the desert or the mountains.

During the event I was the PA system operator (thanks to help from Mary at my side), so heard and saw much. There was a large contingent of women in wheelchairs, women over 80, and artists and musicians, and women who loved nature, and women who hated cigarette smoke. There were women in huge RV’s. There were women living in their Prius. There were women living in class B vans. There were women of color, women without color, women with canes, women in hiking boots.

It was all free and run by volunteers. The sense of empowerment was overwhelming.

I don’t think I will do it again, too many people, but am so glad I went this year. Thank you Suanne and Phyllis and Bob.

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6 Responses to Women in the Desert

  1. Kodey says:

    Couldnt make it this year BUT next year I WILL be there Cain’t wait


  2. Susan Boyd says:

    Excellent description of the WRTR!
    It was a pleasure meeting you and camping with you.
    I truly hope our paths cross again.

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  3. Dale says:

    Hey Mas, So glad you went, & glad you enjoyed. Wanting to go to regular RTR for some time now. However, like you, I read in various blogs over 1000 people attended this year. I like people, just not that many all around me. So think I’ll just stick to camping by myself & enjoying the occasional passers by. Enjoy reading all your posts & hearing of your adventures. Please keep them coming. Be safe & God Bless my friend. Dale.


    • Mas Prema says:

      Dale, it is worth attending once. The people that you meet, the hints you get, the knowledge that is available is overwhelming in a good way. Many people, but it is well thought out. You may even attend twice … as I may!


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