End of Blog

This has been swell, but it is time to end the blog. Thanks for your support….

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14 Responses to End of Blog

  1. Susan says:

    I will miss your posts. It is particularly sad u are leaving as I enjoyed camping u at WRTR and lot forward to more posts.
    Hope to meet on on the road again.


  2. Mary Shafer says:

    I’m sad to see this go so soon after I discovered it, but I do understand. At least you will still be here!


  3. Jake says:

    I will miss your updates! Know that this young guy from Washington State has appreciated and enjoyed your writings and photos. Good luck to you and Lilith!


  4. Wendy Ellsworth says:

    I’ve sure enjoyed reading your blogs Pickett! While I don’t think I’ll ever be truck camping, you’ve still shared so many tips and helpful hints as to what works and what doesn’t that I know I could if I had to. Come visit if you’re ever back in the Asheville area! As they say in Swahili, “Safari Enjema”, my friend!


  5. cindy says:

    Pickett, thanks for sharing your wonderful adventures, gadgets and hot tips!!! Be well and hopefully hear from you again soon!
    Happy travels,
    hugs, Cindy


  6. Fred says:

    Be well. Thank you for sharing as much as you have. Return anytime. Freedom is having options.


  7. Janet Schoeberlein says:

    But how will we know where you are?


  8. Jane says:

    Be well, Pickett ! I understand not wanting to do the blog though. You keep eating the 3 big bases of native nutrition: beans, corn and squash. We want you healthy out there and happy in your adventures. Come back to Woody Creek anytime. Best from Jane and Bill


  9. Pippa says:

    Sorry to read this but understand. It has been really great getting all your tips and leaning about the places you have been to. Maybe you will miss us and come back some time. What is next for you now? Best regards Pippa from Australia


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