Minimalist Truck Camping

I had so many dreams of making my own pita breads, chapattis and tortillas while camping in the woods. Where did the enthusiasm for baking-while-camping go? Many of my cooking tools have been given away to small town thrift stores. I am delighted to pare down, but wonder how minimalist am I going?

Kitchen is now:minimalist kitchen

Those items, a couple of knives, a few spoons, a fork and the wonderful AeroPress

minimalist quesadilla

This yummy breakfast and lunch had no clean up time, filled me up, got rid of my last two eggs, used the last of a can of beans and was very tasty. The metal plate is great. I use it to flip food over in the frying pan by covering the pan, then flipping everything onto the plate, then sliding the food back into the fry pan to finish.

I don’t know where I am headed after the campground closes. Friends want me to fix my social security problem, but I am so fed up with trying to fix it over the last few months that I am almost ready to give up. Quartzsite was so interesting last year that it may require a repeat to investigate more. I will let you know.

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2 Responses to Minimalist Truck Camping

  1. Fred says:

    Not all dreams are realized. But where would be without them?

    I have a dream of you fixing your social security once and for all. It’s an entitlement. You are entitled to the sum each month. All of it.


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