Best Tools for Truck Camping

There are a few items that I am inordinately fond of for full time truck camping

I was gifted with this light and have been overwhelmed with the joy. It recharges by solar, has 3 levels of light, weighs nothing, I can read in bed comfortably, I can cook without holding a flashlight. Really the best camping tool.
Reading Light

I can change a tire if it goes flat, but worried about the battery. So to ease my mind I plug in a trickle charger every time I stop for a while. Peace of mind while truck camping is precious.Car battery trickle charger

I never had a phone or a computer when I traveled in the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s. Nowadays that no longer applies. To keep everything charged up I have a Goal Zero set up that keeps all lights and all electronics juiced up. Love it. Worth the money. And so much nicer than a generator.

Goal ZeroGoal Zero Hanging

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6 Responses to Best Tools for Truck Camping

  1. I have a question for you. How do you hook the trickle charger up to the battery?


  2. david allen Bouman says:

    this is awesome Pickett.. love this


  3. Fred says:

    Thanks for sharing these ‘aids’ of technology. We live in a world with many advantages.


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