Truck Camping or a Trailer?

The truck, Lilith, is wonderful. Sometimes I do wish for more room, more shelter. That is one of the joys of being a camp host. People come up to Burro Bridge in all kinds of cool vehicles and trailers and accoutrements. And no one is shy talking about their choices.

open trailer

This couple rented this Alto trailer above to see if they wanted to buy one. The back slides down when they move it. Very aerodynamic! They loved most of it, and could figure a way to make it work. I think that they will buy one.

This one below, a R-Pod, stole my heart. So tiny. Even has a shower inside. It is so perfect for 1 person and even do-able for two.

R-Pod trailer

The picture below is more in my budget. It sells for around $180 in Walmart. It is easy to set up for 1 person, says a 30 year old fisherman. The back wall is extra. I decided that it is too big to carry around.

fishermen's tent

Maybe what I have is enough. It is only a few days that the weather is so bad I cannot be happy outdoors. I have a tarp that is 8’x 10′ and should do for a few more years.

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7 Responses to Truck Camping or a Trailer?

  1. Cindy Rogers says:

    Pickett, you can have my old market tent with 3 walls and see through shower curtains for the front door. I’m thinking my market days are over and it’s yours for free 😁 what it needs is a good seam sealer job and Scott’s waterproofing once a year. (Thats what I used to do?) ?😘


    • Mas Prema says:

      Thank you for the offer Cindy, but am realizing that I am more minimalist than I thought. A trailer or a tent is just another thing to take care of. And pack. And unpack. Thank you for the offer🙏


  2. I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while, and just realized I’ve never said hi. So, Hi! I enjoy your posts, and as a fellow nomad ( though I’ve been sitting way more than traveling so far), appreciate your thoughts.


  3. Jane says:

    Come and stay here for a month in the guest room when the weather gets to you ! We still have tomatoes and squash from the garden, all the root veggies etc. You could hang out with Bill while I spend some snowy days beading necklaces for the Thrift Shop. He’s welding. Would love your company. xoxo Jane


    • Mas Prema says:

      The weather is divine. Hot and dry. Am thinking of trying to do some dehydrating of tomatoes on the hood of the truck. Love the idea of visiting, but am wallowing in cacti and heat and solitude.


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