Truck Camping without a Cooler

Without a cooler is my way of travel

I disliked needing to buy  ice again and again, disliked things getting soggy/wet, worried about keeping chicken fresh, too much trouble, too much room it took up for the rewards it offered.

Eggs can stay edible without refrigeration for 10-12 days even if bought from a grocery store, Spam now comes in single serving envelopes, green tomatoes will ripen in the window. Onions and potatoes stay edible if they are out of the sun. Broccoli doesn’t last past a day if the weather is warm. Cabbage is great if you peel off the leaves instead of cutting the head in half. Rock hard avocados last for a week or so. Limes last at least a week. Tortillas last, I think,  forever. Almond milk lasts for a very long time.

I miss lettuce, cheese, and yogurt. I miss seafood (but have been given fresh caught trout!). I hanker for ice cream sometimes. A salad would be nice. I develop a craving for chicken livers sometimes, and swing into the nearest Chesters.

Truck Camper Recipes:

An avocado on top of ghee toasted buns with siracha and Braggs. Delicious.

truck camper avocado lunch

An easy lunch below : peanut butter, sesame Wasa crackers, Granny Smith apples and some siracha. Perfect. No dishes to wash.

truck camper lunch

The salad below was made from 1/2 can of black beans, 1 tiny can of corn, 1/2 can of tomatoes, some spicy pickles, some chipotle powder, and a capful of ginger/sesame salad dressing. It was heavenly, and enough leftovers for breakfast. The can of beans was the start. While at the WRTR a woman said “Don’t you eat beans? I have 1 can every day.” I was startled since I had never thought of canned beans as something tasty. I was very wrong. This meal above kept me happy all day.

truck camper Canned Salad

Breakfast of Spam, eggs and bean dip. 1/2 for breakfast, 1/2 for lunch.

truck camping breakfast

Then sometimes there is a gift of peaches.




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3 Responses to Truck Camping without a Cooler

  1. emari says:

    I keep hard cheeses out of the fridge for a long time, when it’s not hot outside as well plain yogurt, for a few days. I thought unrefrigerated Mayo was deadly!


    • Mas Prema says:

      I don’t know why I have ignored the warnings about mayo, but for 40 years have never put it in the fridge. I am super careful about scooping out with a clean utensil. I now buy the kind that sits upside down and squeezes out. That seems to insure no random bacteria. Am looking forward to cooler weather. It is way too hot (in the 90’s) for cheese. Thanks for following!


  2. Jane says:

    To exand on your new cookbook entries, you can put sweet potatoes, winter squashes like butternut or spaghetti, onion, beets and carrots in your cool truck to last a long time. Of course, they need a pot of water to cook so you will have dishes to wash. But lots of vitamins and minerals from fresh root vegetables and you need some of those ! Stay warm and well. It’s about 0 degrees here this morn.


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