Staying Clean While Truck Camping


After three days of living in the back of the truck due to outrageously beautiful weather  I stink. Here is the dramatic weather:rainbow over Lilith

Dramatic clouds

During the monsoon season Quartzsite got .66 inches of rain. On Tuesday and Wednesday there was .77 inches. The most exciting aspect, aside from the visuals, was the smell. I was drunk on the smell of wet sand. Really. I wandered around inhaling.

After 3 days of being inside Lilith I had to shower. Thanks to a friend/brother I splurged and went to Pilot. Oh what luxury.shower

It costs $12, but is worth so much more. After a month of self cleaning it was beyond luxurious  to stand under a hot shower. They supply a clean washcloth, a bath towel and a bathmat. The rooms are spotless. The hot water is endless. I am clean. Thank you, Pilot.

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8 Responses to Staying Clean While Truck Camping

  1. marlis says:

    Sounds yummy! The things we can take for granted… like hot running water!!!


  2. Pippa says:

    Is Pilot the name of a business? Sounds perfect for the long term traveller. Only available in certain areas? Your information is always so interesting and useful. What area are you in at the moment? I am coming to the states for Xmas this year and will be out near Palmdale. Any chance you are near there?
    Best regards


  3. brendahanna says:

    Wow I love the beautiful photos. Also love that feeling of a hot shower after not having one for awhile. Looks like you are having fun! Miss you Kim Pitman 828.279.2896



  4. Cindy Rogers says:

    OMG, the photos you posted are absolutely stunning! They look like paintings.


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