Truck Camping with Tent

In the LTVA (Long Term Visitor Area) there are many solutions to staying out of the wind/rain/sun. One of the truck campers that I met has a tent that held up in 60 mph gusts, blowing rain and 95 degree days.Kodiak Tent

Kodiak Tent

This single woman entertains (cooks huge batches of soup and feeds her neighbors and friends). This tent is sturdy and highly functional. She and her dog are more than happy with it.

You know that I am looking for a way to extend the comfort level. This tent, as beautiful and functional as it it, is too heavy (122 lbs) and takes too long to set up and take down. For people who stay in one place for a long time this is quite luxurious.

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4 Responses to Truck Camping with Tent

  1. Fred says:

    Mas, I agree. There comes a time in life when a tent becomes onerous.


  2. Wow, what a tent. Do you happen to know the brand? I am a nomad, and have many nomad friends, some of whim might benefit from something like this.


  3. marlis says:

    Looks right homey!!!
    Maybe some day…
    Glad you have such great neighbors Pic.


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