Quartzsite Food

Truck campers are always looking for cheap food. The Quartzsite winter has incredibly cheap foods. The reason is because it is out of date. Some things will expire in a few weeks, some things expired a year ago. Regardless, the selection is sometimes exciting and rewarding.IMG_6357

This delicious pesto was $1 and lasted for 3 meals. Normally costs $5.Grocery tentGrocery tent

Like everything here the grocery store is in a huge tent. And there is another “store” in a real building called Ken’s. It takes forever to find stuff, but the exciting finds are always worth it.IMG_6250

How about Dave’s for $1!!! It was not the freshest, but worked well for a toasted Spam and tomato sandwiches.

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2 Responses to Quartzsite Food

  1. david allen Bouman says:

    Very cool place.. expiration dates are just suggestions.. some things are more cautionary than others.. miss yer face, db


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