Lost in Space while Truck Camping

I lost my phone 5 days ago and learned a great deal about phones and truck camping and personal goals.

I missed taking pictures for the blog. I missed not taking notes for the blog on the phone. Then, after about day 3 of no phone I realized how much it was dominating the day to day life of someone who was living in the woods. I was checking how many miles I was walking. I was making notes on work to do on the blog. I was listening to podcasts at night, falling asleep to newscasts from NPR.

After day 4 it was obvious. Something had to change. How present was I? I was distracting myself from the present by the phone.

Then I found it on day 5.

And went back to using the phone as before. Aggh.rainbow

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4 Responses to Lost in Space while Truck Camping

  1. Pippa says:

    I for one am so glad that you have a phone do that I can follow your blog and see your photos.
    All the best and have a great 2020


  2. Jane says:

    Yes, but now you are aware of its large presence in your life and can relegate it to only another tool, to use when needed. I tend to forget it for days at a time. A computer has 1000’s of uses but I only use email and a few other things occasionally. Have a lovely holiday in NM and enjoy the wassail at the library !


    • Mas Prema says:

      Love being in contact with friends … when I have cell service. That is one of the joys of this type of camping … when I have cell service, and a phone, I can connect.


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