Coffee For Truck Camping

truck camping coffeeCoffee is very important to my ease of travel. It took 3 years of trail and error to get the right tools for truck camping and my love of extremely strong coffee.

I loved the taste of the Vietnamese phin, but cleaning it out after every use was a pain in the water supply. The french press was too big, and too much trouble to clean it out and it didn’t do as well as the others in making small amounts of coffee.

The Aero Press was  the winner. The coffee is very good, there is a metal screen for the filter and the cleaning is a snap. I have now used the Aero Press for 4 years and still love it. I have learned that in cold weather it helps to dunk the plunger in hot water so that the rubber expands and will push the coffee down evenly. That is the only adjustment I make. Darn easy.


(The link  will  take you to a place to buy the item. It doesn’t cost you more, I get a few cents from the transaction.)

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2 Responses to Coffee For Truck Camping

  1. Bill Kelly says:

    A few years ago we met in Red River, NM. Camped next to you at June Bug CG. You invited my buddy Kevin and I over for coffee and showed us your Aero Press. I bought an Aero Press immediately upon returning home to Texas. I love it!! You also made our boys hot chocolate, thank you again for your warm hospitality.

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