Quartzsite Shopping

Quartzsite is in full gear now, with acres and acres of things for sale for the snowbirds.

There are huge areas of giant motor homes. All shiny and new with price tags that caused my jaw to drop. $200,000 was not uncommon.big rigs

There is a special place for adult day care that serves Moose Drool beer and surprisingly bad food.
adult baby sitting

Lots of MAGA followers here.

Everything that you can think of is for sale during the winter in Quartzsite. There are miles and miles of used things for sale.

When was the last time you saw piles of pulleys for sale?

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4 Responses to Quartzsite Shopping

  1. Marlis says:

    Cool market, lots of practical stuff,- love the massive pulleys!
    My tongue would be bloody from biting it, so as not to get into trouble with the maga vibe…
    Could then not eat the surprisingly bad food anyway! 😂


    • Mas Prema says:

      It is all fun. Magites are great. They are set up near the Rainbow crowd who are selling chakra readings. It’s all here. Jammed up together in tents in the desert. Too delicious.




  2. Cindy Rogers says:

    Wow, looks like one cool flea market! Those pully’s look like a great art project waiting to happen! How fun🤗


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