Keeping Mice and Bugs out while Truck Camping

Rules that work for me:

  1. Keep all edible food double or triple contained. In a ziplock bag, then in a sealable container, then in a box.
  2. Spray the tires with ammonia every 3 days.
  3. Be liberal in your scattering of packets of Fresh Cab in the truck bed. Smells great.
  4. If you eat inside make sure you sweep out any crumbs the next morning.Make sure that you throw away swept crumbs, don’t just sweep onto ground.

Some people swear that you need to keep the engine hood open and a light inside the engine compartment. This was a failure for me in the camping around Taos. Seemed as though I was illuminating the path for the rodents. Many invaders  peed and nested while the hood was open and a light hanging in the engine compartment. Once I switched to spraying ammonia they stopped setting up home. Peeing around the truck did not work as well as spraying the tires.

Some people swear by dryer sheets. Didn’t work for me, other than make the truck smell like a laundromat.

Some people swear by moth balls (did not stop chipmunks), some swear by essential oils soaked cotton balls. Didn’t work for me. Did smell nice.

Nothing works against determined raccoons. Period. Just gotta move.

morning in Quartzsite

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2 Responses to Keeping Mice and Bugs out while Truck Camping

  1. Sal says:

    Straight ammonia or watered down? Spray on sidewalls or tread or both?


    • Mas Prema says:

      Full strength ammonia. On treads of tires, where the critters would climb up. On the sides too if the infestation of mice is severe. Or if you are very worried. Smells bad ( to us humans) only a short while. Thanks for reading!




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