Cleaning Out The Truck Camper

Every once in a while I am impelled to take everything out of the back and sweep and dust and clean. The sleeping bags really need the sun and breeze.air sleeping bags

The drawers of staples need to be reorganized and cleaned. It has been several months since I gave them any attention. The coffee needs to go with the sugar, the catsup needs to go with mustard, etc. Also a good time to check on quantities. How many days can I go without shopping? What am I missing? What do I have too much of?

Cleaning out the pantry

And then I took out the runner rugs and swept in all of the corners. Found a bunch of these bugs. Glad to take them out.  I have no idea what they are, but they were barely alive. I carefully gathered them up in a paper bag and took them down the wash, wishing them well.

The major cleaning out of the truck  happens only periodically. Every morning I sweep the floor. I also make up the bed every day (not sure why). During this clean out I found that the runner rugs were starting to fall apart (the backs were delaminating and scattering black crumbs everywhere), I had way too many packs of crackers, way too little fruit, all out of fresh veggies. There was a little bit of butter left, but tasting more cheese every day.

What a treat to have the truck bed organized and clean. Phew.

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8 Responses to Cleaning Out The Truck Camper

  1. Fred says:

    You live exceptionally well on very little. There is a key to life here….somewhere.


  2. Ming says:

    Those bugs normally look like they’re barely alive. They live in slow motion. I love your posts and like seeing how your life is going.


  3. david allen Bouman says:

    just shield bugs.. no worries.. hope all is well. you seem to be doing well.. much love,db


  4. Jane says:

    Nice chair ! Looks more comfy than most. Beautiful camp.


    • Mas Prema says:

      Chair is a glorious find. Incredibly light weight. Sturdy. There is no mfg name. No one knows who manufactures it. Found it last year in a shop in Quartzsite for $50. It’s even better than the $50 … chair won’t sink in sand or mud, folds up quickly. Thanks for reading blog, Jane.❤️ Pickett



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