Camping in the Desert

Luxury Break While Truck Camping

As I was leaving Quartzsite to head up to Illinois the virus became more intense. So I decided to wait it out in a tiny RV park in Bouse, AZ and try to make a face mask. You might notice that I hadn’t had a haircut in 5 months.

Selfi Mask

The luxury of this site was a laundromat within walking distance, a grocery store within walking distance, and a flush toilet and a shower. For me that is luxury. In addition to all of that the wildlife and the hikes and the shade were all icing on the cake. It got up to 107 one day, and hovered around 100 for weeks on end. The shade was great. The mesquite tree bloomed and the bees came. I had a wonderful time sitting underneath the humming bees chomping on the buds.

Bouse Camping Shade

The walks were great.


This rattlesnake was very polite and sweet. She let me know that she wasn’t into company.

Bouse Rattlesnake

You know that I am always working with a tight budget, so I traded cleaning the bathroom for part of rent . Very affordable.

It got so hot that I poured water over my long hair and hot head. Ah, relief. pouring water over head

The big surprise was the human interaction. Gordon, Mark, Scotty, Sebastian, Wilma. All politically opposite from me. All generous with their time and hospitality. I still dream about Wilma’s beans from Dove Creek!

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11 Responses to Camping in the Desert

  1. Fred says:

    What an amazing place in which to stay safe!


  2. Pip says:

    Yes like other comments I really live reading your blog. It is so informative and helpful for those of us who love the outdoors and camping, or have an urge to live on the road. Always pleased to receive it and know that you are ok.


  3. Wendy Ellsworth says:

    Oh Pickett, I have been thinking of you as we have been self isolating on our mountainside on Ox Creek Road and praying that you were doing all right, where ever this pandemic found you. Thanks for letting us know you’re still happily truck camping, guided by the Light and doing just fine. Sending love to you old friend!


  4. Hilary Burgess says:

    As in so many different occasions, your blog gives me joy, hope, peace and acceptance. You are just such a wonderful human being and I thank you so much for sharing your experiences and your light with me.


  5. Gloria says:

    Great story!!! I love your adventures


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