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Tools for Hunting

An important part of living full time in your truck or van or car is to have a good hobby. I needed something other than reading, and became obsessed with finding meteorites. That progressed to metal detecting for historical artifacts. That enlarged to hunting for gold.

meteoriteToolThe knee guards (thanks so much Mary!) are wonderful for hunting gold or artifacts or meteorites.The Fisher Gold Bug Pro Metal detector has been perfect. After 5 years I am still learning how to use it to it’s capacity. The pinpointer saves time in trying to find an elusive signal.

gold hunting tools

This is a very bare bones approach to hunting for gold in a river, but it will do to start out with. The pan is in terrible shape, much duct tape holding it together. I have ordered a new pan. I spent much time picking the big and medium size rocks out of the pan. So I ordered a 1/4″ classifier . I also ordered a “snuffer bottle“. The snuffer bottle is for the tiny “flour gold”, which is darn near impossible to pick up out of the pan. That tiny size of placer gold is why I carry the jeweler’s loupe. The yellow grains could be gold! When I hunt for gold in the rocks and bedrock I bring tiny picks, long screw driver, and a heavy hammer in addition to the metal detector.

I also have a plastic bucket and a small shovel. I found that taping hand tools with yellow electricians’ tape is the only way I am not leaving tools behind. The green tape is how I identify my screwdriver from yours.

And yes, I get wet and cold and tired while having fun, hunting for gold!

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