Maps While Wandering

Looking for the mine claim

Hiking in Colorado

After several miles of hiking I opted for the truck.

I needed the NW gps corner of the placer claim. That was the corner nearest the road. But I had only the center gps. In the middle of 20 acres.

The PLSS, Public Land Survey System had the info. I tried using the government link, but got confused by the second click. After much poking around I found a site, earthpoint, that would give  me all four corners and the center  for free. Phew.

NW 37.7795117, -107.9492450 (yes, I am revealing the sacred spot!)

Thanks to earthpoint I found that I had been “prospecting” about 700 yards west of where I was supposed to start.  Ooops. No gold, but I did find other fun stuff while waiting for the water in the wrong tributary to go down.

found detecting 2

found detecting 1



In case you want to know more about barbed wire, check out the Kansas Barbed Wire Museum!

I am still hooked on physical maps. Check out my map page.

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5 Responses to Maps While Wandering

  1. Gloria says:

    Wow, so much fun, just discovering new places and walking to find the rewards. I hope you find your gold soon. The Mother lode!!!


  2. Pippa says:

    You certainly are having some new adventures that we can all share with you. Looking forward to seeing your site but looks like a great location generally. Take care!


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