So Glad I Did

Truck camper choices that still please after 5 years

1. Tailgate

plywood tailgate

This crummy piece of plywood is still loved and cherished. No spilling coffee in the ribs of the tailgate. No twisting of kneecaps, crawling into the back. Easy/inexpensive to replace.

2. Topper Back Curtain

The topper back curtain

How the back curtain attaches

This “velcroed” cloth is perfect. It keep the great majority of flies and mosquitos and hummingbirds out of the back of the truck. And curious people gazes. Easy to take down for driving, easy to put up. It folds down to a small size. It is getting a bit ratty. One day I will find a seamstress with a heavy duty machine to put a new one together.

Under-the-Bed Curtains

Curtains instead of drawers

Couldn’t be happier with the decision to have curtains instead of drawers. Initially it was to save weight. Now its for the convenience. So easy to flip that curtain up to see under the bed and/or the shelf.  And looks so neat with so little effort.  Also still pleased with the  runner rugs. I buy 2 new ones every other year,  and cut them to fit. Easy to clean.


Coffee choices for living in a truck camper

The taste of the Vietnamese phin was the best, but cleaning it out after every use was a pain in the water supply. And the patience of the cook.

The drip was tasty. Super easy cleaning. I had used this for years.  This was in the running. The downside to the drip is the awkward size and shape to pack.

The french press was  a cleaning problem, and it didn’t do as well as the others in making small amounts of coffee. The glass was a bad idea, but there are stainless steel ones.

The Aero Press was  the winner. The coffee is very good, there is a metal screen for the filter and the cleaning is a snap. The slight down side of the Aero is that it isn’t as tiny as the phin. After 5 years its still true. Still love it. This is a truck camper’s excellent choice. (Even if I dislike having single use items.)

Shudda, Cudda, Wudda …

Coat all plywood
Put it together with screws, not nails
Smaller cook set up (what was I thinking?)
Fewer tools (what was I thinking?)
Packed fewer _______ (what was I thinking?)
Turned the sliding window around … tried, but can’t quite figure it out. Maybe one day.






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5 Responses to So Glad I Did

  1. Mas Prema says:

    start a blog like this …. its easy to do.


  2. Pippa says:

    Once again great tips. The tailgate is a triumph as it also acts as an outside table for you .
    Cheers – getting much warmer over here(Australia) and planning some trips myself.



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