Favorite Camping Spots

Favorite Camping Spots NM

Thanks to freecampsites.net. It led me to Apache Creek, NM. This is a free camping spot with a pit toilet,  luscious trees  and great hikes.Apache Creek, best campsite

I spent two winters taking advantage of the New Mexico Park Pass. Pay the fee and then for one year you can camp for 2 consecutive weeks at any of the NM Sate Parks. (Covid regulation 2020 only NM residents) Absolutely wonderful. Some campgrounds even had libraries and hot showers included. There were many beautiful camp sites within each park. There were Mexican restaurants, libraries and laundromats near most of the campgrounds. The facilities were great, with birding hints, hiking trails and knowledgeable staff. If you are a budget freak, like me, it was $37.50 for each of the 6 months I was there. This was a comfortable way to starting this solo road trip. It took me 2 winters to see them all.

City of Rocks State Park

Favorite Camping Spot AZ

In Arizona there can be 70 degree days in January. Yum. And the community of campers here is strong, helpful and very friendly. This area below is run by the BLM . It has pit toilets, garbage disposal and water near by. There are miles of land outside of the Long Term Visitor Areas where you can camp for free on  BLM land.

Quartzsite, AZ LTVA

Favorite Camping Spots CO

This is a free site in Colorado that I was told about at the Ranger Station. 2 weeks with birds and trees and mushrooms and hikes. Delicious.

Colorado camping

Saw this spot below  a few years ago and knew I had to return.

Burro Bridge Bridge

Favorite Camping Spot UT

camping Utah

This was a Utah mistake that I loved and stayed 2 weeks. Free and wild.

You can find the perfect free spot for your next camping trip if you ask people, investigate freecampsites.net, talk to the rangers at the National Forest stations, and make mistakes. Turn the wrong way on a road and you might end up someplace magical!


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3 Responses to Favorite Camping Spots

  1. What do keep in the rack above the cab?


  2. Cindy Rogers says:

    Wow, absolutely gorgeous…all of them!!! Lucky you. Looks like an amazing way to spend time. 🤗


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