Piecemeal Solar

When the Goal Zero pooped out I bought the above tiny battery/ solar thingie. It was slower than I was hoping for. Could only charge 1 item a day. The batteries and the Kindle and the lights were lined up to be charged.

So I set up the left over panels from the Goal Zero package. That helped by adding one more charge spot. These are very slow, also. The poor panels have been in hail storms and dust storms. But, they still work. Kinda.

The phone’s battery is getting weak, so it has an extra battery attached most of the time. Getting all of these items charged is hard. Thanks to a friend I just unwrapped and set up the Jackery 100 watt solar panel.

Jackery solar panels

Very fast. Only one USB port. But fast. And On sunny days all of the solar panels are out and charging! By tonight I will have 2 full batteries , fully charged phone, fully charged light and a full Kindle.


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4 Responses to Piecemeal Solar

  1. Chuck says:

    Good to know information, as usual. Solar is a new world for me. Actually. I haven’t even started yet. Btw, My 1.5 year old iPad stopped worked today…Ill be pouting about that untill tomorrow. 😒
    Thanks for posting about solar.


    • Mas Prema says:

      Chuck I really am interested in continuing the solar set up. I am thinking about a 12 volt fridge, since I hate ice coolers. It will take some figuring out, for sure. Hope your iPad gets replaced. I have one, but find that I am using the phone more than the iPad. Thanks for your comment!


  2. Oooh I like the size of that Jackery 100 panel. I finally invested in the Rockpals 100w portable panel but it’s bigger than than your Jackery, and by the looks of it, more cumbersome. Next time I invest in solar I think it’s going to be Jackery.


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