Helpful link for truck campers

Weather is the main threat for me. Snow, heavy winds, thunderstorms, tornados, etc.

I am usually brave, but mother nature can scare me. Figuring out how to get from one spot to the next is easy if you have a map. Weather? Well, I have come to depend on a Facebook group called severe weather for nomads. This group of people did a fantastic job when it came to the west coast fires. Their tornado warnings were very helpful. They keep a close eye on any kind of severe weather fronts. Really keep many people safe. I watch for heavy snows and thunderstorms.

Many kudos to this group for keeping all of us safe. Thank you.

I also have a Pilot app for showers and gasoline locations. I don’t spend much money on showers (maybe 1/month), but it is a nice treat and worth every penny of the $12 for a luxurious shower with clean towels and oodles of hot water. Best to get to a location very early in the morning. That cuts down on your wait time.

I use Amazon Prime. The delivery speed is what I use it for. It helps when you are traveling. I haven’t used the Amazon Prime for movies, but there are a bunch of them that are included in the price of Prime. I am trying to get used to a Kindle, so the free books on Amazon Prime help.

Banking is done through an app from Wells Fargo. I can deposit checks, move money and check on card activity wherever I have cell service. I think that most banks have this ability nowadays. So worth it.

How about you? What apps do you have that make your traveling safer, easier or more entertaining?

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2 Responses to Helpful link for truck campers

  1. Harley Gurl says:

    Well that sounds awesome and love this nomad group. Once the restrictions are lifted I am looking forward to travelling more and living my so desired gypsy style. Since covid I have become a Youtuber. Since we are grounded I just vlog all my motorcycle rides……….. LOL Hey kept me connected. I do use a few weather apps not the same ones as you but I do find them handy for sure. GET ready for Ol man winter…………. soon.


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