Hunting for Anything

I drove out to a place where I am allowed to hunt for gold. I got to this area at 7am. I didn’t leave until 5pm. This is what I found:

The pieces of tin were paper thin. The curvy nail was wrapped around a rock.

The rock was what is called a “hot rock”. It caused the detector to beep like crazy. The tiny bit of pipe cleaner took me at least 45 minutes to dig out. I was sure it was gold.

I moved several times, but no luck. Still had a ball trying to get better at detecting, better at looking where to detect, better at scrambling over rocks in the washes. Still having fun. Love being in the desert.

Came back into town and saw a sleeping dog.

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5 Responses to Hunting for Anything

  1. Harley Gurl says:

    WOW! Love it. I use to have a metal detector way back in the day, not an expensive one persay but I did have fun with it. I lived on the west coast of Canada then in BC which is where I learned to pan for gold. I did get some nuggets and we had them made into earrings for my daughter. I think digging is fascinating not to mention the many types of rocks and quartz and all those fascinating minerals we can find. GOLD for sure lol
    Loving your adventures. Stay safe.


    • Mas Prema says:

      Am having so much fun. Am impressed that you found gold. I do get so waylaid inspecting the rocks. And every time the metal detector goes off I am excited all over again. Love it! The detector that I have was bought because I had an obsession with finding meteorites. It’s a Fisher Gold Bug 2. I find lots of stuff with it. My heart is still with the panning. Thanks for your continued reading and commenting. Means a lot.


  2. Carol says:

    Merry Christmas and don’t give up the quest.


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