Truck Camping Chores


Oh these morning fires are so yummy. That steel container has 2” of water , then stuffed with cut up veggies, garlic powder, onion powder, Old Bay, Siracha, salt and pepper. When the fire was just ashes I put the container in the middle.and went on a walk. So easy. And only 1 container to clean!

That was so much fun I tried a sweet potato next.

The sweet potato was very sweet, a soft mashed potato consistency and intensely flavorful.


Finally retired the topper’s old back curtain

And “hung” the new one.

This was a gift from Diane.

Sometimes it is hard to do chores (like doing a major reorganization, arranging the solar storage better, giving books to the Salvation Army Thrift Store, doing laundry, etc. ). Sometimes it is all that I can do. Nice having the freedom and time to follow a non schedule.

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1 Response to Truck Camping Chores

  1. Harley Gurl says:

    LOVE the new curtain. Perfect! Absolutely perfect. The veggies in the can sound amazing. I love your quick cooking and of course clean up ways.

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