Truck Camping Beauty

I still love the SC low-country. And the Appalachian mountains. And still am having a giddy affair with the giant Colorado mountains.

Now the desert. I love sunshine. I love snakes and weird bugs. I love the prickly defenses of the cacti and trees and bushes. I am intoxicated by the smell of rain in the desert.

I am in love with the subtle colors, the tough cacti, the strong trees, the quartz and the possibility of gold. Then there are the spectacular/comforting/ sunsets and sunrises.

Cropped Dawn

Groceries in Quartzsite

One plus of camping near Quartzsite is grocery shopping at Ken’s and the food tent. Very inexpensive food goodies.

The coconut rice was $1, as was the bone broth, as were the beans.

I added a small can of corn, some Old Bay, shallots, and garlic. Of course some Siracha at the end. Thick soup.

Not repeatable, but the rice was a tasty find.


The other afternoon a very big, very new Ford truck pulled up near by. My closest neighbor. He put up a pointy topped tent. To avoid staring I pulled my reading chair out of sight. Quiet evening until 2:13am. Loud angry swearing coming from the new arrival. It went on for 5 minutes. Long pauses, then a series of heartfelt expletives. Not shouted kindly. I went back to bed wondering what the heck that was all about. The next morning he was doing it again as he stumbled around packing everything up. Very, very neatly. An old shaggy dog was with him. He drove away leaving a pile of wood and a brand new 2.5 lb axe.

Psychotic break? Tourette’s? An undercover border patrol agent really pissed at his awful assignment? An ex military guy with PTSD and a service dog?An actor seeing the reaction of authentic nomad

All of them and none.

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8 Responses to Truck Camping Beauty

  1. Fred says:

    I admire the way you tell your story. You have word power! The sunset pictures amazing. The best is that you are no longer a diabetic and living healthy!


  2. Harley Gurl says:

    You dinner looks awesome! I enjoy all your stories of the simple life. Keep living in the moment you do it so well.


  3. Jane KingsleyAlder Dinsmoor says:

    Maybe the guy got red ants in his sleeping bag ? But you got the axe and fire wood ! Always blessed, Pickett. Miss you in Woody Creek. But what a beautiful sky !


    • Mas Prema says:

      Will be in Woody Creek April 8 to get first vaccine. Hang out with R&S and you and Bill. Then am headed to Leadville to look for gold. Then back to get 2nd shot. Then Illinois to visit friend in nursing home. Busy camper! Much love.

      On Sat, Mar 20, 2021 at 8:46 AM Truck Camper Hints wrote:



  4. Carol says:

    I agree, especially the mountains and the desert. Thank you for the beautiful pics of sunset. Your meal looks delicious. Unfortunately, I no longer eat carbs. No rice, no beans, no corn, and sadly no tortillas. Four years ago a nurse called with the results of my lab work and said, very casually, that I was diabetic. Not so casually, I said, “Oh, hell no,” and I meant it. I immediately began to reverse that diagnosis and succeeded. Haven’t eaten carbs since, but I really enjoyed the memory of the aroma from your dish, and the taste was divine. Lol


    • Mas Prema says:

      Congrats on the no diabetes. Congrats on your willpower. What are some healthy (for you) meals while camping?

      On Sat, Mar 20, 2021 at 5:29 AM Truck Camper Hints wrote:



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