For the last few days I seem to be in move-mode, cleaning dusty bottles, packing one box, then another. Throwing away darn-near-finished jars of mayo and catsup. Giving away away books and the extra chair. Dismantling the fire pit. Emptying out the clean 5 gallon water tank. Taking out my go-to-town shoes to shine. Making list for the Walmart stop.

I headed to Colorado for vaccinations. Found that I am no longer casual about driving through cities. Almost panicked driving through Las Vegas. NEVER want to do that again. So do I avoid cities or go through lots to get myself used to them?

Beautiful camping spot on friends’ property in Colorado. Am very proud of finally installing the new fire extinguisher. Commercial strength Velcro does the trick. So far.

After the second vaccination I will be driving to visit an old friend in a nursing home. Going through Nebraska, Idaho and Illinois. That will be fun to investigate.

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