New Stove for Lilith

Why get another stove?

2 stoves seemed extravagant, but I am leaning toward comfort in cold/wet/ windy weather. I needed tiny, all temperature, all elevations. Need to boil water for coffee or hot chocolate or ramen. I liked the light weight and the solid fuel of the Esbit.


I can experiment, thanks to government check. As soon as the snow and rain stop I will try it out and report.

I was going to camp out and try it out. There are many beautiful spots nearby. Snow, rain and nights in the 20’s dampened my enthusiasm. Am staying in friends’ house. Warm with internet and a hot shower whenever. Delicious. Great fun.

Wonderful Star Wars hoodie for the cold and wind. Thanks Cindy!

Waiting for second vaccine. Then onto a few roads I have never ridden. Flat land. Hope to find funky, strange, interesting places on the way. A friend of 45 years is waiting.

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4 Responses to New Stove for Lilith

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  3. Jane KingsleyAlder Dinsmoor says:

    Cold, wind, Covid, that hoodie has everything covered !! Too funny. xoxo

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  4. Wendy E says:

    Hi Pickett
    Glad to know you have a safe haven during spring Colorado weather! I saw Diana Post Sunday afternoon in the Phila area. So good to spend some precious minutes with old friends! We spoke of you so perhaps your ears were tuned in. Sending you much love!

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