Into the Mountains

Rough, dirt, curvy on the sides of mountains. This truck, Lilith Mochila, is a champ!

I first went to a place I had camped before. The Colorado state parks are now only accepting reservations. No cell service down next to the Arkansas River. Damn pretty. I parked in a “day use only” spot. Ranger chased me out.

After politely getting kicked out I headed to the Bureau of Land Management nearby area to camp. Road totally too scary for me. Washed out. I bet Lilith could have handled it. Was not that sure I could.

Finally found a spot for the night. (A guy named Dan has an area on his property that has big sign “Free Camping”). I pulled in and slept fitfully on a slant. The next morning I got lost and found, again, looking for one spot, then went to another. Didn’t panic, just enjoyed the drive.

Rain and snow. Hail and snow. Wind and snow. Rain. Hail.

I am in the Shavano Wildlife Area. Very rough road. Am camped facing South for the solar. Am not hidden, and yet not exposed. This looks like a party place. Lots of trash like shotgun shells, cigarette butts, general poor manners detritus. Will clean up tomorrow when it’s not snowing/raining/hailing.

Truck Camper Hint :

Made a mistake. I bought this coffee for use on a day like today.

I shook it up before popping the top. It went everywhere. Do not shake up things that say “nitrous infused”.

Thank goodness that sun is expected tomorrow. Lots of fun, set-up, clean up chores to do. Think I will stay here for a week or so. Lots of nature exploring to do.

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8 Responses to Into the Mountains

  1. Harley Gurl says:

    Love the back roads, such adventures you are enjoying. I so admire you. Free wheeling is the best we can do just roll and stop make camp and enjoy.
    Eeek that sounded like quite the mess with the nitro infused coffee.
    Stay safe.


  2. KCasey says:

    Hell0 there; we met at 3Rvrs NM back in 2014,, maybe it was ‘15.
    Anyways, Chekkit up N of BV off 375 for tha TurtleRock Camping area. Epic !! And further upRoad you’ll find campsGalore!!
    peace to U, sister; kch -KanabUT.


    • Mas Prema says:

      Thank you! Will try it out. Am enjoying Shavano Wilderness. Am curious about the weekend traffic here. If you tell me what you were driving I will remember you immediately!😁


  3. Cindy L Rogers says:

    hahahha…sorry for your mess with nitrous infused mess…I’ve done that before and its always in a small space when it explodes! yes…quite a cold couple of days, looks like you will have super nice weather for the weekend and then some. enjoy!


  4. Marlis says:

    Wow, what an adventure Pic!!


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