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Change in Truck Camping

I have accepted a short term job as property manager for some former employees. This will give me time, and money, to remove the musty, moldy wood, rearrange the shelving, get new cloths for covering the undersides of the bed, … Continue reading

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Water and the boondocker

Mark asked me about water while boondocking. I carry four 1 gallon screw top water jugs. They are easy to refill anyplace you stop for gas, or the refill station in Walmart, or a house. (The pop top water jugs … Continue reading

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Truck Camping Surprises

After driving for hours and days on an interstate I was crazy for some relief. Night time was usually in a motel parking lot or a truck stop. I wasn’t resting well, was still wound up tight from the visit, … Continue reading

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Highway Trip

My friend Jean is an “inmate” (her words) in a very nice old folks home. I have known her since 1970. We have lots of history. We talk on the phone quite often. She wanted me to visit. I was … Continue reading

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Problems While Truck Camping

This jumping is a problem for me … I can’t seem to remember the proper order to jump start a car. So I keep this printout in the glove compartment. (Why can’t I just get the truck on a hill … Continue reading

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