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If Not a Topper, Then a Trailer or …

Cold/rain/wind/hail Some days I am inside the topper for many hours at a time.   I go out in the rain/wind/hail/snow and come back wet/cold/hot. I fantasize  about having more room.  Where I could stand up and cook inside, out of … Continue reading

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Camp Hosting

I worked for Rocky Mountain Recreation Company for a few years at the campground called Burro Bridge. I enjoyed working for these people, so when they called and asked for help I jumped. They had 2 hosts  to leave suddenly … Continue reading

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Truck Camping Secret Tools

Tarp My new love. I have given up on tents . I still needed some way to protect me from the rain and/or wind. This tarp is terrific. I abused and used it hard for a long while. Not a scratch … Continue reading

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Gold Prospecting on the Dolores

Hunting for gold has occupied most of the time during the last 2 weeks. The picture below shows where I start the hike to the claim. I get very nervous crossing the road to get across the guards. Coming back … Continue reading

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Truck Camping Storage Take 3

Organizing is important for this truck camper’s peace of mind. I started out on this trip panicking every time I lost _______ (fill in the blank). I panicked over every lost item. Losing the truck keys twice changed my organizing … Continue reading

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