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Staying Clean While Truck Camping

Weather After three days of living in the back of the truck due to outrageously beautiful weather¬† I stink. Here is the dramatic weather: During the monsoon season Quartzsite got .66 inches of rain. On Tuesday and Wednesday there was … Continue reading

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Bathing While Truck Camping

To bathe while truck camping requires hot water and sunshine. I heat up water to boiling, add it to the bucket and adjust the temperature with cold water. After washing hair I stand in the NM wind and do a … Continue reading

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Cleanliness and Truck Camping

The 2 Bucket Cleanliness Routine Cleanliness is a great way to feel good and keep the mice/mold/stink down. You just have to find the time and the space to do it.¬†For a serious cleaning stop in any rv park. Ask … Continue reading

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