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Staying Clean While Truck Camping

Weather After three days of living in the back of the truck due to outrageously beautiful weather  I stink. Here is the dramatic weather: During the monsoon season Quartzsite got .66 inches of rain. On Tuesday and Wednesday there was … Continue reading

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Truck Camping without a Cooler

Truck camping without a cooler is my way of travel. I hated getting the ice, worried about keeping chicken fresh, too much trouble, too much room it took up for the rewards it offered. Without a cooler eggs can stay … Continue reading

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Truck Camping or a Trailer?

The truck, Lilith, is wonderful. Sometimes I do wish for more room, more shelter. That is one of the joys of being a camp host. People come up to Burro Bridge in all kinds of cool vehicles and trailers and … Continue reading

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Awkward Truck Camping

I am on the road full time. This has many wonderful aspects. Some very awkward moments. I figured out that I could live on my social security of $537/month. And Colorado was very helpful, with Colorado Peak, in covering the … Continue reading

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Minimalist Truck Camping

I had so many dreams of making my own pita breads, chapattis and tortillas while camping in the woods. Where did the enthusiasm for baking-while-camping go? Many of my cooking tools have been given away to small town thrift stores. … Continue reading

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