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Budgeting for Truck Camping

This trip, living in the truck, is my life’s dream. I need very little money. I have no credit card debt. I love to walk and investigate nature. I have a hard time thinking of ways to spend money. I … Continue reading

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Cleaning Out The Truck Camper

Every once in a while I am impelled to take everything out of the back and sweep and dust and clean. The sleeping bags really need the sun and breeze. The drawers of staples need to be reorganized and cleaned. … Continue reading

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Keeping Mice and Bugs out while Truck Camping

Rules that work for me: Keep all edible food double or triple contained. In a ziplock bag, then in a sealable container, then in a box. Spray the tires with ammonia every 3 days. Be liberal in your scattering of … Continue reading

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Quartzsite Shopping

Quartzsite is in full gear now, with acres and acres of things for sale for the snowbirds. There are huge areas of giant motor homes. All shiny and new with price tags that caused my jaw to drop. $200,000 was … Continue reading

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Coffee For Truck Camping

Coffee is very important to my ease of travel. It took 3 years of trail and error to get the right tools for truck camping and my love of extremely strong coffee. I loved the taste of the Vietnamese phin, … Continue reading

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