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House Creek Campground Winding Down

August 10- September 10, 2015 Budget Spent Budgeted Food 87.25 120.00 32.75 Camping, Laundry 16.75 45.00 28.25 Entertainment 19.73 30.00 10.27 Gasoline 36.53 152.00 115.47 186.74 Part of groceries was $9.82 of propane, entertainment was lunch one day and books. … Continue reading

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Tips and Perks While Camp Hosting

I got two five dollar tips this past weekend. I hadn’t done anything special and felt guilty for accepting the dough. They insisted and I gave in. So I spent some ruminating time thinking about what to do with the … Continue reading

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Camp Hosting by the McPhee Reservoir

I have gotten a system down to clean the multitude of bathrooms, and the campers are nice. So this is not as hard as I had imagined to take care of 65 campsites, 22 bathrooms and 80 acres. Found some … Continue reading

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Had to Move!

I was wandering around Burro Bridge, thinking how lucky I was, when the boss (Mary Lee) drove up and said that I needed to move to another campground. OK. Well, no photos yet. I was told that the new campground … Continue reading

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