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Comfort Truck Camping

A bathroom. Water. For me those two things qualify a camp spot as luxury. In the picture below I have everything I need. Trees to set up the hammock, a bathroom within walking distance, and water out of a tap. … Continue reading

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Kitchen Box 1

Third try at the most important box. Cleaning, coffee, breakfast, plates, knives, pot and cast iron fry pan. Everything together for breakfast and cooking in general. An AeroPress for coffee, cups, plates, ¬†oatmeal, utensils, a cutting board and cleaning tools. … Continue reading

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Minimalist Truck Camping

How minimalist will I go? I was sorting through kitchen utensils when I realized how minimalist I was willing to go. A spatula was too big, the spoon was too big, the knives were too many. No computer, no phone, … Continue reading

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