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Staying Clean While Truck Camping

There are many levels to cleanliness while truck camping. Personal cleansing I am planning on taking a shower and washing clothes every fourteen days in a town or campground. Until then how do I manage? I cannot stand having greasy … Continue reading

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Cheap Shower

I forgot where I found this solar-shower-on-the-cheap. Probably Pinterest. Looks doable. It will be another project. It doesn’t look like it would last too long, but is as cheap as it looks. PHOTO 1: Cut a 1/4 inch hole in … Continue reading

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Washing Dishes

I am planning on carrying 25 gallons of water. I don’t want to waste any drinkable water, so I started looking around for a solution to washing dishes that did not involve a sink full of water. I don’t have … Continue reading

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10 Uses for Vinegar in a Truck Camper’s Life

I have been debating the number of vinegars I should take on the journey. There are many uses for white or apple cider vinegar. Aside from eating there are no additional uses for basmati vinegar. That will have to be … Continue reading

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Occupation of Time … will I …?

So. I am camped in a secret hidden free spot and the first day are filled with interest and excitement. By the 5th or 6th day I am bored. And I have to deal with that. In India I would … Continue reading

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