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Best Tools for Truck Camping

There are a few items that I am inordinately fond of for full time truck camping I was gifted with this light and have been overwhelmed with the joy. It recharges by solar, has 3 levels of light, weighs nothing, … Continue reading

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Fears While Truck Camping

My biggest fear is  having the battery go out when I am in the middle of the woods. So I have a Trickle Charger that seems to keep the battery happy. I put it on the dashboard and plug into … Continue reading

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Safety Equipment while Truck Camping

I hate the jack that came with the truck (Toyota Tacoma 2006). It is puny. I was whining about this one day and Michael said, “But you need a Hi-Lift jack, anyway.” I do? Well, I did some research and … Continue reading

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More Tool Ideas for Truck Camping

A fella by the name of Mello Mike does a helpful blog about truck camping. He invited a friend, Jeff Reynolds (aka Jefe4x4), a few questions. Here is Jefe’s take on gear do he considers essential when going off-road. A … Continue reading

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Baja, Mexico

I have started thinking about Mexico. How warm it is. How cheap some things are. How I can speak Spanish. How the fishing in the ocean is free from the shore. How I love Mexican food and literature and comics … Continue reading

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