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Weather and Truck Camping

There are truck campers who go skiing for the season in their truck. Skiing all day, lots of warm food in warm restaurants, and a serious sleeping bag. There are people who live in their truck camper in the swamps in 90/90 weather (90 … Continue reading

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Thinking about Fishing while Truck Camping.

Costs for fishing: the gear and the license. Minimalist gear: Some line, a stick, a weight, a hook and a float.  I  toss the stick when I move on and store the line and gear in a can.  I have an old mesh bag … Continue reading

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Great examples

I have been scouring the web for examples of how other people have “modded” their pickup for camping. Here is some of what I have found. Desk to Dirtbag  One Girl on the Rocks Some photos from I don’t know … Continue reading

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Essentials List for Truck Camping

I have two  four lists firming up for the journey, “essentials” ,”luxury”, “extreme luxury” and “real solar”. Here is the tentative “essentials” list. I would appreciate feedback … in case I left something out or really don’t need something. Topper … Continue reading

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Bed Construction

The bed, on the left, is 25″ across. I tested this out, and it works. As long as I have room at the head to prop myself up and read it will suffice. The bed and opposite shelf will be … Continue reading

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