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Help while Camping

I am more scared of electrical shocks than I thought. When the water flooded there was an inverter hooked up to batteries. Everything was in 3″ of water. Agh! I couldn’t bring myself to step in the water and unhook … Continue reading

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Comfort Truck Camping

A bathroom. Water. For me those two things qualify a camp spot as luxury. In the picture below I have everything I need. Trees to set up the hammock, a bathroom within walking distance, and water out of a tap. … Continue reading

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Reading about Truck Camping

Helpful Hints Surprise …. theboatgalley This site helped with food storage and solutions, with packing, and with safety concerns. And the equipment that the boaters use (coolers, stoves, storage containers, etc.) were intriguing and very different from what is offered … Continue reading

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Camp Host

Camp hosting in a truck is possible. Most camp hosts are required to have hard sided living quarters. The people hiring are so desperate for hosts in remote areas (with no electricity or cell service) that a truck is considered … Continue reading

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Weather and Truck Camping

There are truck campers who go skiing for the season in their truck. Skiing all day, lots of warm food in warm restaurants, and a serious sleeping bag. There are people who live in their truck camper in the swamps in 90/90 weather (90 … Continue reading

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