Cook Box

rubbermaid Chuck Box


I am in awe of this set up. This is a Rubbermaid “ActionPacker Cargo Box”, redesigned and added to. Mighty fine kitchen. Here is what the designer has to say about the box:

When you get to camp there is a towel bar, a paper towel holder and a wire shelf that get attached to the outside with wing nuts. There are a couple of pcs of curved emt (electrical tubing) that helps reinforce the piano hinge. Light weight bungee cords secure the Viewtainers to the lid even while closed. Inside the Viewtainers are things like matches and tinder, forks and spoons, first aid, mantles, condiments, Splenda, tea bags, Instant coffee, spare parts and a whole lot more. (Read more here.)

Will I be happy with this? (I think it will be fun to set up; how much fun putting everything back in the pouring rain?) I gave up on this idea, even while admiring the Rubber Maid Chuck Box.

After several years of futzing I ended up with this arrangement, 2 drawers and two boxes.


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